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My Bali Birthday…..the pre-show!

*Exhale* I did it……I went to Bali for my birthday, my 40th birthday no less just as I planned.

Bali, Indonesia Immigration  Visa for Indonesia

I am still detoxing from this whirlwind of an adventure which took me from Atlanta to LA to Taipei and finally Bali, Indonesia all in celebration of turning the B-I-G 40 *home alone face*!  The return was even more exciting as we threw in a stop over in Hawaii for the night before rounding out our journey as it started, to LA then me on to ATL.

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I guess you can say I am sort of a dreamer, but some would say visionary, I say I’m just a gal who doesn’t believe in limitations; a gal who believes anything is possible if you put your mind to it and follow-up with a little (or a lot) or work behind it; one who believes if you can dream it you can certainly achieve it.  So a year + ago I was thinking of my 40th, largely in disbelief that it was upon me, but moreso as in what the hell am I gonna do…..see my last post ( on how it came to be.

So the journey started by wrapping up all the holiday activities which at this point seem like a blur. First of all, my crown slipped on New Year’s eve resulting in me sorta panicking about being able to get into the dentist with just 2 days between the holiday and my first flight.   I had to get my mom/sister/niece & nephew home followed by picking up my Aunties the next day who were kind enough to house sit for me for the 10 days. Got all that behind me (including repairing my crown) and was able to sorta exhale….but still not as excited as one would imagine me to be.

Next was tryna figure out what the hell to pack which I was finally able to make some sense of.  See it was gonna be tricky because it was nearly 3 trips in one:  My LA ‘fits, my Bali wears, my Hawaii ‘fits, followed by my “return to Winter weather” outfit for my flight back to Atlanta.

SelfieSo began the journey on Saturday, January 4th with my flight from Atlanta to LAX.  Let’s just say it did NOT go as planned.  Immediately upon checking my bags at curbside I was informed that my flight to LA was delayed resulting in my connecting Vegas flight being missed and no other flights available til the next day….WTH.  I, of course explained to the Southwest rep that in no uncertain terms could I miss the flight because I HAD to be in LA by 9 PM the next night for my flight to Bali. At the gate there was lots o’ chatter as several of us were making arrangements to rent vehicles in Vegas and make the drive to LA if the flight was in fact delayed or cancelled. Needless to say the panic was for naught as it all worked out.  I even met a cool chick from Fresno, I believe, whom I chatted with nearly the entire flight.  Actually there were several cool folks I befriended, especially once they heard I was going to Bali AND turning 40….funny how many people were shocked by both lol!


Anyhoo, arriving in LA nearly 10 PM PST, Creole Queen picked me up from LAX ready to get the show on the road.  After a night in her corporate digs, we rose the next day and enjoyed a little last minute shopping and brunch that included the absolute BEST fresh-squeezed OJ I’ve EVER tasted (at this spot called Lulu’s)….gosh I can still taste it.

Now it was time for our flight and one of the funniest things to happen was enroute to LAX, I spotted Jack in the Box (which we do not have in ATL but I have to have whenever I go to a city with one…..go figure).  Creole Queen was nearly on 2 wheels as I screamed “oooh Jack in the Box” and turned the car almost illegally onto a one way street so I could get my fix.  We hollered all the way to the rental car return.

LAX - China Airlines departure

Once we got on the shuttle though we almost had a moment because the shuttle driver set us off.  As we arrived at LAX he asked all the passengers for their airline info to which I responded with “China Airlines” and he kindly said okay that’s terminal 2.  Well we get to terminal 2, tip him for our bags, and lug our 6 bags between us to a cart and the counter before realizing that er uh this is “Air China” not China Airlines.  We plum had to walk from Terminal 2 to Terminal 5 I believe….we were slightly heated but let it roll.  So began our journey to Bali.

To be continued……..more pictures on next post!

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Just one small child in this big big world looking to live outloud, explore, learn, and love one destination at a time. Here to share my world with those who want to follow me in this journey!


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