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My journey to Bali…..and 40!

Welcome to 2014!!!

As I prepare to embark on this journey o’ mine – the world of “40” and the beautiful country of Indonesia, Bali to be exact, I am still in disbelief of both!  This has been a year or so in the making stemming from nothing more than a love of travel, a desire to welcome 40 with arms wide open, and my never-ending quest to create everlasting memories!

So how did this all come to be?  Well for starters I’ve been in denial so long about turning 40 that when I realized it was right around the corner (after I turned 38) a little panic set in causing my brain to go into overload.  Once I came to…well not really but I was perhaps a little stunned (LOL) I reflected on how many events I’d planned for others on their special days and milestone birthdays and just how befitting for me to do something equally as fabulous for myself.

Since I was writing for that travel magazine/online editorial at the time, I started thinking about something exotic, incorporating my love of travel, my desire to give a little to others, and my quest to support my philosophy that no dream is too big with the proper planning, work, and focus.  The editor (whom I adore) connected me to her partners in Greece to assist me in arranging a Villa to accommodate my guests.  I was also thinking of Greece as it is a destination I’ve been longing to visit.  Speaking of, my list of “40 and Fantastical” destinations included: Greece, Morocco, Ibiza, Capetown (again), Bali, Phuket, and Belize in no particular order….there may have been a few others but “turning 40 and forgetful” disease has already kicked in.

Anyhoo, after making contact with the folks over in Greece, they so graciously informed me that my birthday happens to fall within the Greek Winter so as you can imagine that immediately put my plans on pause.  After the initial letdown, my new Grecian friends informed me that they had contacts in Bali and since Bali was probably #2 on my list we started regular Skype sessions to see what we could come up with.    For my appreciation I wrote an article on their beautiful country which was featured in the travel magazine I was writing for.  Although I decided to go out on my own to find my villa, I learned quite a bit from them and built a really cool relationship with them so NOW when I finally venture to Greece, I will have my own personal tour guides :-)!

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t garner some lessons from this….it’s the Capricorn in me….that everything is all business even when it’s not lol!  I have learned or better yet reconfirmed things I’ve always known, general life-type things throughout this journey….one thing off top is just how I sucked at geography in high school but was and am still better off than a lot of people.  I had to look at my world map above my desk in my office to locate Indonesia so I’d know exactly where I was trying to go.  I mentioned it to someone today, just the trip in general, and I could tell they hadn’t even heard of Indonesia and probably thought I was going somewhere in the Caribbean.  Who am I to judge *shrugs*!

Indonesia is highlighted in Blue
World Map

1.  The Art of Visualization paired with goal-setting, planning, determination is key to EVERYTHING.  Now you must know that I didn’t just wake up one morning and say, “I’m gonna go halfway around the world……tomorrow” LOL!  I started really thinking about this and the possibility of it being a reality a year ago. I took every opportunity that came before me to contribute to making this happen.  I took real stock in “WHERE” I was in real life (do I have my passport <–well of course – my 5th but still had to confirm; do I have the resources to make this happen; am I willing to do this even if no one else is able to attend [since I did an open invitation that was something I had to ask myself]).  All of these things partnered with a desire to make it happen, the drive to get things done attributed to this coming to fruition.

2.  Relationship-building is soooo important in life, not just business but life 360.  I basically did an open invitation to anyone who has crossed my path in these (soon-to-be) 40 years and the response was very moving.  Now granted I was merely providing the villa whilst airfare was left to each individual but the fact that many were (even up to the past 2 weeks) eager to embark on this journey with me was beyond heartfelt.  Be it for the personal experience or the security of traveling with someone else either way I know how hard it is to just get people you know to travel a few miles let alone halfway around the world.  For that I spent alot of time stressing over making this a lovely experience for those who attended vs for my own personal pleasure, although everyone wins really lol!

3.  Life happens and no matter how well you plan you MUST be flexible to roll with it.  Probably my biggest challenge in life given my nature of planning everything to include a simple trip to the grocery store.  I had days preceding my first leg of travel down to the second only for the universe to throw a pop quiz that left me panic stricken.  As luck would have it, on New Years Eve leaving a lovely brunch I felt my tooth shift….well it was my crown from last years tooth chipping incident that was somehow losing its footing.  Of course the dentist office is closed on New Years so that meant the absolute earliest I could go to a sit and stalk er uh wait would be Thursday which was also the day my visiting family was leaving to return to Orlando.  This was MAJOR because this held prime real estate in my mouth – smile killer.  After, again, determining that stabbing myself with my stiletto would totally ruin my trip, I was able to think clearly.  I believe I made the Universe proud because I not only got into the dentist as a walk-in but I didn’t have to wait <—THAT never happens even with an appointment.

4.  Pressure is NOT my enemy but my BESTEST friend.  It is 9:22, my first flight leaves tomorrow at 4:25 I only begun packing but it’s in a very bipolar fashion.  Unlike normal people, I can’t pack too far in advance or I’ll be afraid of forgetting things.  I do have parameters though which include, packing the same day if the flight is late in the day and within the continental U.S; if it’s an international flight then I always give myself 24 hrs.  My neurosis I know, but I’ve made peace with it.

So here I sit, in the middle of the floor, avoiding the obvious which is this beast known as packing.  I guess I need to get pack to it or I’ll have to add a #5 – Procrastination only delays the obvious, it does NOT lessen the pain, stress, angst lol!

About A.S.B

Just one small child in this big big world looking to live outloud, explore, learn, and love one destination at a time. Here to share my world with those who want to follow me in this journey!


3 thoughts on “My journey to Bali…..and 40!

  1. As a fellow capricorn, I can absolutely attest to all that you have shared. Happy birthday and have a wonderful time. Come back to us safely.

    Posted by Tony Oglesby | January 3, 2014, 10:06 pm


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