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The Power of Purpose and Possibility

“It’s safe to share my gifts with the world.”

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Standing in the collective heart of humanity, one begins to be pulled toward their unique contribution to the world.  Uncovering your soul’s purpose is not always the easiest task.  Throughout life, we are influenced by what we have done in the past, what we’ve been told we can/cannot do, and what our present circumstances seem to dictate.  In order to reveal the gifts that lie beneath the surface of our heart’s greatest desires, we must invoke the agent of change called purpose.

You must not look to the past or even the present to see why you are here, but instead bring forth your soul’s legacy into the present moment.  An entire life can be lived yet forgotten so very quickly.  What better way to celebrate life than by following your soul’s purpose.  The yearning to make a difference is your need to express your purpose and derive meaning from your time on earth.

purpose of life is to live and giveThe world is waiting for you.  Inspired by the depth of your courage and strength, the Divine opens its arms to you as a fully integrated being who carries the seeds of hope, health, happiness, and prosperity.  The ground is now prepared for you to continue to plant the seeds of your greatest desires to breath life into possibility.

To follow the call to new, uncharted land, you must trust in the possibilities that exist.  For the opportunities and possibilities are endless.  The challenges and losses; the shifts and the changes, will be plentiful, but the goal of a soul that is satisfied, filled up, inspired, happy, passionate, and fully alive is worth everything you will go through on your journey!

This will be a trip worth taking!


About A.S.B

Just one small child in this big big world looking to live outloud, explore, learn, and love one destination at a time. Here to share my world with those who want to follow me in this journey!



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