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Social Media….Socially Overloaded

Facebook.  Twitter.    Instagram.   YouTube.    Vine.    LinkedIn.    Pinterest.  Path.  <—those are just a few that come to mind.

Suddenly EVERYONE has something to say or share with you. How does one keep up?  As I sit here looking at my twitter feed transfixed by my curiosity of a link that has led me to an Instagram picture with a background story to Facebook I suddenly became caught up in this vicious Social Media cycle.  Mad once again that I have somehow allowed myself to get lost in the images and updates and allure that is Social Media.

Watching the random thoughts, news updates, opinions, beef, opinions, lies and tall tales (often let’s be real) etc flow cross this 3″ x 1.5″ screen day in and day out at times is much too overwhelming.  YES, I can turn it all off by ignoring or taking a “tech” break but then what would I do with my idle time?

Now I am in no way banishing Social Media as it is truly a beautiful thing when used properly.  Nor do I feel inclined to partake in every new and improved social media app (I was sorta late to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – in that order and stopping there).  What I will say however, is that because of social media, we regular, every day individuals have become a myriad of things from poets, to preachers, to inspirational motivators, rappers, writers, bathroom models and all things in between.   THAT is in no way a diss but actual factual!!  We’ve been able to connect with folks who’ve merely been a distant memory; careers have been launched that would never have been imagined; friends and connections have been made in ways in which those paths would NEVER have crossed.  Many have had the pleasure to interact with [stalk] their favorite celebrities even or at best get a real-time glimpse into their lives for what its worth.  For the many of us who use social media for good I think all of those things and the audiences in which we are able to connect with is no less phenomenal!
social media smorgasbordWhere my downward spiral begins in my path to social media overload is the constant flow of info at the ready; when I’m bored I hop on any one of the sites just to fill the idle time only to be reminded that hmmm I’ve not posted anything in a while <—-that while sometimes being an hour or so (Twitter especially); or the constant barrage of images or celebrity gossip that draws me in and turns that 1 min life break into an hour of time lost trapped in Social Media.

My biggest social media life drainer is watching the untruths lived out loud on social media sites.  I’m still slightly confused by people who live a lie online as if no one would know.  Thereby being someone they aren’t, portraying a life that doesn’t exist or deflecting their bad behavior, transgressions and blame onto others as if no one would be the wiser.  How does that happen?  It is one thing to profess that you are in fact “ok” today when in fact you’re in tears but to lead folks to believe that say you are living this life that is nowhere near actual factual is baffling.

Now granted if you really dissect the myriad of social media sites they operate much like we do as individuals, in that they each have their very own personalities and modis operandi.  I break them down like so:

LinkedIn is the realest of the real you as it is all about the business of you and even in this time of social pretend and make believe, not too many play around with their business as you either are or are not Head of Marketing at said company where your connections alone will discredit.

Facebook is more about family and friends which align more to the realer, closer to the truth you.  Now granted many untruths and fantasies are told on Facebook but trust that those who know you are laughing in hysterics as they read your status if not giving you the *side eye* as they reflect on the truth.

Twitter is more of your alter ego on steroids yet with a splash of the true you in some cases.  In other cases the Twitter “you” is all make-believe and fantasy based on the you with no limits, tact, boundaries.

Instagram is the combo Facebook/Twitter version of your true self as a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Now these online untruths and tall tales is truly about all I can take on any given day.  THIS is what becomes overwhelming because more often than not you are left wondering if it’s make believe day.  You know the kind, bragging about how their life is fantastic when you are most certain it is in shambles; or lets not forget those preaching and low dissing (kinda like I’m doing here I suppose) when in actuality the very thing they’re low dissing someone else about is the very thing they are known and proven to do on a regular.  Come again?  Is it me or do you too often miss certain things on Facebook because perhaps you’re out living *confused look*.  I admit I don’t always see my ‘friends’ posts because well I just wasn’t on Facebook or it didn’t come up in my feed and because I don’t go sifting through folks’ pages I just didn’t see what the hell you had to say.  For the record can we stop this subliminal shade throwing because 9 times out of 10 whether the intended recipient saw it or not, unless they are confrontational they WILL never let you know that they did [probably because they are out living or could care less]!

Now for my Instagram overload.  Why do people feel so inclined to say whatever happens to flow through their head on Instagram?  Who cares if Celebrity “A” looks like a whore in the pic they posted, who are we to comment?  What happened to just swiping past the picture while thinking to oneself that they look like one?!  The accessibility of celebrities via social media has turned people into rude, disrespectful, and just plain nasty individuals!  The time spent commenting negatively is time you could have had a good laugh and screen shot the pic to send to your best pal for some real comedy!

So at the end of the day when it’s all said and done I have a love-hate relationship with Social Media for all the things that make it phenomenal yet the very things that make it a pain in my fingertips!


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Just a regular gal, with a regular life and love of travel, meeting new people - never met a stranger and making a difference somewhere, somehow. Just looking to explore the world one destination at a time and take a few folks with me on my journey!


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