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Sometimes nothing means EVERYTHING!

Life is funny with the most unique sense of humor at that!  Oftentimes life can be best explained as a cruel irony lol!

stillnessOh the irony of life when absolutely NOTHING is happening or atleast when it feels like your world is standing still.  The discomfort of it all is sometimes too much to bear until you begin to create scenarios and situations (largely in your head) just to make some sense of it all.

Alas, the beauty and the magic of stillness is that it may appear as if nothing is happening yet the seeds are being planted, your faith is being tested and life is surely happening!  I think the test is whether you will embrace the seemingly nothingness around you and be still in this space of time to discover a whole new world for yourself or if you will give up and give in to the discomfort.  It is within this ‘stillness’ of life that amazing things happen or atleast the makings of amazing.

I have certainly been tested this year with my ability (i.e. willingness) to succumb to stillness.  Normally a world, my world that is 90 to nothing was seemingly nothing to nothing in the place and space that meant everything.  In that was my constant 1 on 1 convos with myself to calm the anxiety that began to build as it appeared nothing was happening in my daytime life <—my nice way of putting it.  At the same time that nothing was happening, a whole lot of something was happening in other aspects of my life that eventually resulted in me quieting my mind and rendering myself still.

Things don’t often happen in our time, the time in which we want them to but I’ve found that when they happen it is at the most opportune time which is exactly the moment they needed to.  So dream big, wish upon a star, visualize your life near term, 90 days – a year, 3 and 5 years and reassess earlier plans to see how you’ve measured up or where tweaks can be made.  Once the ‘stillness’ is over and the season of nothing subsides you’ll be far better positioned to take the fruits planted in the space of nothing when this thing called life turns your 90 to nothing to 0 to 100 in no time flat!

My ramblings and rantings in the still of my night!


About A.S.B

Just one small child in this big big world looking to live outloud, explore, learn, and love one destination at a time. Here to share my world with those who want to follow me in this journey!


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