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Slacking because you’re living….

Phew it has been a little while since I last let my thoughts bleed out through my fingers – well maybe not bleed but let’s say flow.  Being one who doesn’t move unless there is purpose behind it or a force creating the wind beneath my feet, today just felt like a good day to think aloud.

Let’s first welcome Spring, who finally decided to show up (atleast here in the dirrrty south a.k.a Atlanta).  With its appearance this year I am finally able to experience the sun shining through my windows alerting me of sunrise while reminding me that it is in fact a brand new day<—- exhale on that!  The question is….whatchu gonna do with it?  

Since I last wrote – which I believe was the better part of a month ago – there’s been a lot of living, loving, laughing, libations, loss, and the like.

Living – well I think I’m known to just LIVE and take life by the balls so I’ve just pretty much been doing that as much as possible.  Divas Dining is back on track and really keeping me motivated as I plan this year’s “things to do list for the ladies” and THAT is something to smile about.  Our most recent outing brought out 18 lovely ladies on a rainy Georgia night (check us out –> Been stepping up my she-dates with my she-girls who make life interesting and enjoy my company as much I enjoy theirs…..LOVE THEM!!  Reconnected with a few I’ve missed for waaay too long but as usual, just like time has stood still as we picked up right where we left off <–those are relationships worth having I tell you.  I believe my entire life I have moved in many circles when it comes to those I spend my time with meaning, I enjoy the company of nearly anyone as long as they are cool with me.  THAT is how I determine who gets my time.  

Finally got my BIG BIRTHDAY bash villa on the books – YAAAAAAY!!!!  Next step:  Send out the update to those who are eager to embark on this experience and celebrate my BIG day with me on the continent of Asia – whoooohooooo!!!!

Loving – well I don’t kiss and tell so won’t talk much about that except to say I am enjoying the love of my friends and acquaintances.  I am fortunate to know the difference between those that are good for me and have my best interest and well those who need to just watch from outside or get a “do not pass go” ticket. Life in that regard is good!  Lots of good energy has been circling about and although I rather work under the darkness of night I will say, I can feel some really good things a-stirring and not just for me but a few very close friends of mine. Time reveals…..

Laughing – what more can one say, “laughter IS life’s best medicine” and I try to have a daily dose multiple times a day.  The Tom Foolery of a foolish few continues to leave me laughing as I watch the universe work its magic on them….again in life sometimes the best thing to do is “nothing” (in the literal sense) and let the universe take care of the rest.  You think people would learn – every action has a Reaction <—-LESSON clearly NOT taken.

Libations – I guess this pretty much goes with all of the above.  Let me be clear however, libations in the sense of casual drinker NOT “AA is calling” as there IS a difference.  Tried those Straw-beritas and I’m gonna say ‘pass’ but hey I don’t throw away liquor so I WILL finish that last 2 or 3 copping a squat in my fridge.

Loss – oh minor meltdown (almost, okay medium-to-major meltdown).  Motherboard on my nearly-new laptop tanked out on me!!  Of course I didn’t know I just knew the stupid thing wouldn’t turn on after a power save.  Not to mention it was during a moment of a major breakthrough AND within days of my article deadline for but luckily my editor is sooo understanding and well I was able to work around it.  Happy to say it is being repaired by someone I totally trust with it so not a total loss.  In the interim I’ve been working from my other systems.  Ooh the thought still hurts my soul a lil bit…another reason I didn’t totally break down is because I DID do a back-up not too long ago <—had I not this would be a different song.

The Like – not much more than that just rolling with it all the while trying do a little bit of the above!

Onward to the next bit of living………what will you do?


About Godiva ATL

Just a regular gal, with a regular life and love of travel, meeting new people - never met a stranger and making a difference somewhere, somehow. Just looking to explore the world one destination at a time and take a few folks with me on my journey!


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