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Small change; loose change; spare change…..the only Constant is CHANGE!!

You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.  – Sri Ram

Life is so interesting and such a prankster!  Isn’t it amazing how life often has a way of ‘encouraging’ us to make changes in our lives?

Some of us need a little extra nudge to get moving; to change our ways or even our lives for without that nudge we will continue down the path of familiarity.  This path of course is sometime wrought with less than desirable outcomes or even mediocre existence.

Don’t believe me?  How about that minor toothache you refuse to have checked out, only for it to eventually turn into a pain you can’t ignore. Yup, been there before….too many times!  Without the unbearable pain I would’ve continued to push my dental visits out as far as they would allow.

Life…..much the same!  A personal experience near and dear to me was due to one’s lack of doing the right thing, just because, not when asked and for no one other than themselves.  Said individual was given multiple opportunities to turn the corner at their free will.  Yet, you guessed it, they shirked their responsibilities; attempted to deceive [themselves]; tried to hide behind time until all of those things caught up to them resulting in an abrupt halt to life as they knew it.

The problem with being FORCED to change is that you aren’t give much if any time to weigh your options, to assess the present or outcome of your choices.  Change is usually made on the fly and usually without care for feelings, opinions or your desires.  You see, when life makes the change for you, it does so without care, without warning, and without you.

Being FORCED to change or make a change in your life usually comes after life itself has given you multiple warnings and/or opportunities under the guise of lessons to be learned.  Doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting different results (also known as insanity) will eventually force you to choose differently by FORCE or by CHOICE.

So why relinquish your power for CHANGE when it [change] is the only constant in life?  Being proactive in life does not ALWAYS render the results you want nor hope for, however it puts you in the driver seat of a life that you help to create.  Be accountable for your life by controlling those things you can and bobbing and weaving through the unexpected blows thrown at you.  For if nothing else doing nothing renders nothing or perhaps nothing you would have chosen if you’d been proactive and made a choice.

Will you be FORCED into change or make the CHOICE to change?


About Godiva ATL

Just a regular gal, with a regular life and love of travel, meeting new people - never met a stranger and making a difference somewhere, somehow. Just looking to explore the world one destination at a time and take a few folks with me on my journey!


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