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2012: The Year that taught me…..

Ahhh end of yet another year [pausing to think about that for a minute] and what a doozy this one has been!  Feels like this was the year on speed or I guess as it is 2012, nearly 2013, it would be the year on Molly or Bath Salts.  2012…..the year that WAS!!

How will your 2012 measure up; what lessons did you learn once you take time to reflect?

Unlike most who prefer to ‘escort’ each year OUT around this time, I’d rather take in the last few weeks of an ending year to grab the last bit of lessons, wisdom, comedy, and the like before rushing in the next year.  As with nearly all facets of my life however, I prefer to focus on the lessons as there are lessons in EVERYTHING!  So this, my friends or the lucky few who choose to lose a few minutes of their life reading my thoughts, is my personal lessons from 2012.

  1. As advanced as we are [technology-wise] if you are so unfortunate to have to call 9-1-1 they may still ask you for your phone number and location…..WTH? [see below]
  2. Unlike “As Seen on T.V.” if you are so “lucky” to have an emergency or by chance a fire in your home, your local dispatcher and/or fire department may not necessarily come in less than 120 seconds [see below]
  3. Fires are bad. Fires kill.  YES, you can lose everything including your life if ever in a fire.  However if you are so fortunate to get out in time and have the help of your local fire department early enough your life and home can be spared.  YET, the damage from the smoke and soot can wreak alot of havoc (as was our experience although lucky and thankful we got out in time and really only had damage to the 2nd floor of our home due to the smoke).

Dendy Fire    IMG-20120104-00860

Case in point:  On January 4th of this lovely and nearly ending year, my laundry room caught fire.  We were home, it was about 8ish at night [night before the kids were returning to school from the winter break] and I was in the shower when I heard the alarms screaming.  In true teenage form, my teen says “I think there might be something wrong with the dryer” to which I could see on sight flames from the bottom.<—-teenagers

I called 911 no less than 6 times nearly shocked when asked for my phone number….of course the silly person I am asks the dispatcher “er um can’t you see all my info including blood type {not really} on the screen”  <—this was the 1st sign that this night was far from normal

After the 6th call I heard the sirens but um they were fading not getting louder [panic ensued].  The 7th call to 911 I all but communicated this to them to which they reassured me they were on the way.  They finally showed up….with 3 trucks.  Ahh that was a night.  House restoration process took a couple months but was done.

4.  If someone asks to borrow money and mentions anything about paying you when their income tax comes, say no [first only loan money that you can afford to give away as more often than not you either a. won’t see it again or b. not receive it in the timeframe or manner in which THEY agreed to].

Case in point:  I loaned money to help someone ‘in a situation’ in the amount of nearly a grand and um er uh I’m still waiting on the loan to be satisfied AND I’ve been patient <—that was April and the reason for the need did not even occur [I paid a debt of theirs directly so they could move and um they ended up not moving due to other reasons].

5.  Sh*t talkers usually have no substance, no credibility, nothing to substantiate that which they are claiming or speaking on/about.  Next time you run across someone who seems to be full of talk [unless you are said person], do NOT be fooled.  They talk a real good game but once you become well-versed in say ‘ear hustlers’ or ‘jaw-jackers’ or ‘sh*t talkers’ you’ll begin to see a pattern.  They often talk in circles [to throw you off] or have a tendency to question anyone how is without the grandeur of gestures or ‘big’ talk.

Case in point:  Always talking about what they do vs actually doing it or showing any evidence that they are what they say; always having some scheme or ‘come-up’; always blowing up their connections or work or wallet-size, etc.  I recall a convo asking a certain sh*t talker about said activities they claimed to be engaged in….IMMEDIATELY they got defensive as if I was asking for their first born.  They actually asked me WHY I was asking them about their profession [scratched my head at that one]. Just another tactic to deflect from what IS to the smoking mirrors they want you to see [believe].

6.  There is truth to not seeking revenge on another or staying true to yourself even when others do wrong or living YOUR life as the best defense to ‘enemies’ or ‘haters’.  Oftentimes the Universe will allow you to be a witness to ‘just desserts’ or ‘paybacks’ if you will especially for those who wrong you but take ZERO ownership/accountability therefore not learning from their wrongdoings.

Case in point:  I recall a situation of an individual who wreaked so much havoc on relationships/friendships, was always dead center of situations, was never accountable, territorial, etc., yet blamed everyone else for what they caused.  Even when presented with proof it was still the fault of another.  Welp, the Universe allowed situation after situation and witness after witness to view the demise as the others just simply went on with their lives with no malice, no grudge, no chatter.  Yet they still, even after the carnage, dare to ask ‘why’ or ‘what did I do’ smh.

7.  You can help people all day but if said people choose NOT to help themselves then you are wasting your time.  Be aware of unscrupulous individuals constantly with a hand out yet no evidence of them actually putting their free hand to work on their behalf.  Same reason you can’t or shouldn’t enable those old enough to know better by not ‘forcing’ them to fend for themselves.  Why?  Because they won’t!!

Case in point:  Someone needed help in a big way and I just couldn’t say ‘no’ but knew better than to go in blind and requested ground rules or a minimum consensus on the arrangement.  This person also fell under my #5 and #7 [above] but again there are exceptions to everything to I went against my better judgment.  Welp I’m sure you know how that went.  They’d been enabled in the worst way to where they were labeled ‘lost’ and void of common sense [evident by the events].  In the end it was clear that they CLEARLY lived in a fantasy world or land of make-believe.

We’ll stop there as you can see 2012 was full of lessons and since I ALWAYS do my best to learn from my lessons I believe my biggest lesson is to remain present in everything life throws your way; spend time understanding others [in order to have data or facts to support decisions you make with said others]; most importantly embrace the differences in others until they give you a reason not to ;-)!

What did 2012 teach you?


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