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“Knowing is not enough; we must apply.  Wishing is not enough; we must do.” – Johann Von Goethe

If one does nothing, I gaurantee nothing will happen!  It matters NOT how much knowledge you have; nor how much you wish something into existence for without action you are merely standing still!

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Oftentimes we exert so much energy [unnecessarily so] that the end result still does not produce a product – of quality or otherwise.  It is the slow and steady who stay the course, plot, plan, strategize their moves realistically (like a chess game) that will most likely hit their marks with a greater ROI.   It is not he/she who moves at the fastest pace who has the greater results as often this leads to careless mistakes, poorly executed and half-baked plans, if any plan at all.

At the same time, moving too slow can lead to life leading you versus you driving, directing the life based on your wants, needs, goals, and dreams.  It’s about the happy medium between identifying your dreams, wants, desires and actually mapping out a plan to enable you to reach them.  The path to your goals is not without its challenges, however, the journey, lessons, and reward is always well worth the pangs, setbacks, upsets and sometimes misfortunes as anything worth having is worth working for!  What better to reach that mountain that is your goal knowing that through it all and only due to your laser-focused actions, due diligence, and sticktoitiveness, did you achieve that which seemed nearly impossible or out of reach.

Look around you, how many friends, family, co-workers and the like allow life to lead them rather than taking ownership, accountability and responsibility for their life?  With the exception of a chosen few, the majority of us have to put in work to realize our dreams and goals.  Ask any ‘successful’ person and the response will most likely be the same and that is the success you see took many a long days/nights, failures, setbacks, no’s even, but moreso it took heart, persistence, drive, motivation, and preparation.  See, when opportunity knocks, which it does all the time, too often people are not READY to receive because we did not PREPARE.

Life is nothing without dreams, but you must apply something other than lipservice.  Perhaps a little sweat, blood and tears mixed with passion and a desire to not give up to make them come to life.  Action ALWAYS speaks louder than words and so too does REALITY!!  Lipservice only gets you so far but hardwork, the ability to produce, and a proven record of successes will be the best representative with the loudest voice.  Merely stating that you are the “best in the land” is not enough to be so if you aren’t contributing to being that; if you are in denial about who you are, where you are in life [metaphorically so] or the skills you possess then when opportunity knocks you will hear the knock but be rendered helpless to answer.

So will you design your life or just pick a pre-designed, out the box facsimile of the life you truly want and desire?  Who/where would you really be if you gave life your absolute ALL?


About Godiva ATL

Just a regular gal, with a regular life and love of travel, meeting new people - never met a stranger and making a difference somewhere, somehow. Just looking to explore the world one destination at a time and take a few folks with me on my journey!


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  1. Hi Godiva ATL, I’m dropping you a note because something with either my blog or with word press, I’m not sure. You are following an inactive blog. It is in my name but it is inactive, I only found out about this problem last Thursday. I’m thinking if you where to repost the following my post make sure the URL says thank you

    Posted by mhdriver | October 24, 2012, 4:27 pm

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