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P’s and Q’s, WHERE Are you?

Common courtesies, are they forever gone in this day and age of self-entitled ah-dults who feel the world owes them something?

I continue to find myself caught in amazement at the number of people who have CLEARLY forgotten their p’s and q’s!  Have you NO SHAME to think it is ok or acceptable to say not acknowledge when someone has gone out of their way [perhaps] for your or on your behalf by simply saying “Thank You” and meaning it.

YES, I realize that one’s transgression or feeling of being “done wrong” may not be the intent of the wrong-doer!  HOWEVER when brought to one’s attention a simple apology should not be an afterthought.  How many times have you perhaps accidentally bumped someone or arrived late to meet a friend or God-forbid put another in a bad position?  Hopefully not often but if so I’m pretty sure without question your first thought was to apologize immediately with a simple “I’m sorry for…..” versus stating your case.  This irks me TO NO END!

I often remind my teenagers (a girl and a boy) to always say “Thank You” or “Please” when speaking to me [and others] because honestly it shows that you are thinking enough of the other person to acknowledge a nicety bestowed upon your or merely showing your appreciation – verbally!  Saying “Thank You” should not be foreign to anyone of a certain age as it truly shows that you appreciate the actions of another.  It doesn’t hurt nor does it cost a thing just a few seconds of your time yet does wonders for future moments of time in your life.

I can guarantee that I would not hesitate to assist or give of myself or time repeatedly to the person who:

a. Most appreciative of the little things I’ve done for them

b. He/she who recognizes/acknowledges my acts of kindness

c. Is big enough to respect my time, efforts, etc. with a “Thank You'” when it mattered or simple “I’m sorry” when they were less than becoming.

Am I off-base to think that common courtesies have fallen by the wayside especially in this day and age of ‘abbreviated’ text and twitter talk?  Don’t get me wrong, I realize we’re all human so there are times when the brain is just not cooperating or on the same page with the rest of us but is it ever acceptable to not mind our p’s and q’s and show appreciation?  There is not greater feeling [for me] than that of letting another person know how much their kind gesture or thought or action or courtesy meant to you.  Perhaps I’m out of touch, however I haven’t met a person yet who hasn’t appreciated me taking time out to say “Thank You” or “Please” or offer an “apology” sometimes even if I wasn’t in the wrong.

Have we become so self-absorbed or caught up in a world of self-entitlement that we can’t look beyond our world to acknowledge that we live amongst others and SOMETIMES it is the others who go out their way to make sure our world is pleasant……..


About Godiva ATL

Just a regular gal, with a regular life and love of travel, meeting new people - never met a stranger and making a difference somewhere, somehow. Just looking to explore the world one destination at a time and take a few folks with me on my journey!


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