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Having it ALL! Myth or Magic?

You are the embodiment of the information you choose to accept and act upon. To change your circumstances you need to change your thinking and subsequent actions. – Adlin Sinclair

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The ability to “have it all” can for some seem like a modern day myth only reserved for those of a certain lifestyle, or economic standing.  To the surprise of many, it is less of a myth or magic and more of defining what “ALL” represents for you and aligning your life and goals to living a life that fulfills you.

I am amazed at how many people are surprised to find out the many facets of me and often wonder in amazement as to how I manage.  Being the individual I am, I’m equally as surprised by their awe as I rarely make the connection between me/my life and that of any great fete.  Or is it?

I have a career, a family (consisting of 2 active teenagers), a social life, personal interests, a home where I actually prepare meals atleast 4 nights a week when not traveling on business and am make time for many other interests I have.  I personally never gave any of it any weight as it was just the life I created for myself.  Yet when some people discover these various layers they often state that wow, you have it all figured out.  I, of course would beg to differ as I am merely living the life that is for me, one destination at a time.  I will say that I DO live in the moment and within my reality.  Never one to be bigger than who I am nor my situation; never a ‘spin-doctor’ constantly spinning my reality to appease or appeal to those around me.  Nope, I live my life in color – sometimes yellow, sometimes blue, and every now and again a little grey but always my reality.  Doing so keeps it simple, keeps the pretentiousness of living to the standards of another outside of the confines of my life’s walls.

So what is the secret to having it all?  No secret really, just understanding what your “ALL” represents and going gangbusters to create the life that is yours.  I believe it is simply embracing who you are, where you are [in life], where you want to be, that which makes you happy (understanding YOUR happiness), taking life as it comes and knowing that it [life] is not one-size fits all.

Having it all is truly leaving no stone un-turned in your quest to create your life.  It is part strategy, part plan mixed with a tall glass of self-motivation, dedication, focus, structure, determination, and a can-do attitude.  It’s not living according to someone else’s standard, but your own.  It is setting your foundation and not swaying from it.  It is being fully present in your present reality.  It is understanding the derailers and non-value add people, conversations, and time-drainers.  It is simply living out loud with your own soundtrack playing in the background.


About Godiva ATL

Just a regular gal, with a regular life and love of travel, meeting new people - never met a stranger and making a difference somewhere, somehow. Just looking to explore the world one destination at a time and take a few folks with me on my journey!


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