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As I am coming to you in an official capacity, this will not be a sugar coated commentary as I need to dig into a few things, behaviors that are just not sitting right with me of late.

Let’s talk “People” today.

Although people make the world go ’round, they sometimes (and only some of them) have a way of making it oftentimes unpleasant.  Too many times I am left in a state of mental flux after certain encounters, behaviors and/or people.

It is the insecurities, need for acceptance, need for control and power and attention, the unhealed wounds from childhood, a bitter breakup in adulthood, selfishness, loss of self, lack of personal accountability, mental illness, poor behaviors, inability to have a reaaal relationship with another, delusional mentalities, etc, etc.  All of which have an impact on which ‘these people’ deal with and afflict upon others.

People fail to realize that “actions speak louder than words” is more than just some old cliche thrown around to fill a sentence.  One’s actions speak volumes and regardless of what the mouthpiece says, you WILL be judged on what you do, which fueled with those character flaws above is often in grave contradiction.  For example, a man who says he doesn’t use women yet every situation he speaks of is not of him enhancing or bringing something to the table, instead he’s taking what he can – well you’re a user.  Or the friend-to-friend relationship where one exhibits behavior unbecoming nor desired by another only to question why the other friend has moved on – um YOU, your actions said you didn’t value the friendship so now I’m choosing to pull back or completely away.

Another people behavior – the desire to be bigger than we are currently (in life).  Why can’t we accept where we are in life especially if by virtue of poor choices we’ve made (yet while attempting to improve our circumstances or reach/achieve our goals no less)?  If people would take the energy, effort, and time placed on creating an illusion into actually working towards that which they pretend to be then perhaps they would actually be that very thing.  At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is whether or not you are at peace when alone with your thoughts as reality ALWAYS has a way of revealing the truth.

Why is it that most people (friend, lover, other) only get the message once you’ve left their presence?  For instance, you abuse, neglect, and otherwise show a lack of respect yet once that relationship/connection has dissolved do people tend to get the message or miss you/want you back.  I have one thing for that, acknowledge that which you do/inflict upon people (good, bad, otherwise) and fully take responsibility for it.  In doing so, no matter what happens there will be no regret as you will embrace and rejoice in the beauty that was versus the ugly or less than desirable that often happens. As we are all humans who are flawed, things happen, differences and infractions occur but to mend it we must come pure and sincere not badgering or finger-pointing otherwise the peace offering will be seen as much of the same – noise!  I personally have no problem pulling back from those I deem toxic, non-value add, drama-filled, or otherwise draining.  We can’t merely say we don’t deal with drama or users or people who are negative or draining we have to show people by NOT dealing with it!

For me, peace is everything – internal, me in the mirror peace!


About Godiva ATL

Just a regular gal, with a regular life and love of travel, meeting new people - never met a stranger and making a difference somewhere, somehow. Just looking to explore the world one destination at a time and take a few folks with me on my journey!


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